Cocoa Essential Training

with Simon Allardice
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Cocoa Essential Training
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Discover how to build desktop applications for the Mac by exploring the many frameworks and essential design patterns in Cocoa. Author Simon Allardice shows you how to create a better-looking user interface that works on multiple screen sizes with Mac OS X Lion. The course also demonstrates how to use the Cocoa frameworks to build several example applications, and reinforces the best practices to build apps and get them ready for the Mac App Store.

Topics include:
  • Installing the tools
  • Creating your first app
  • Adding basic interactions
  • Understanding the Cocoa application life cycle
  • Creating custom controller classes
  • Creating alerts
  • Understanding delegation
  • Working with buttons, text fields, sliders, and more
  • Using layout and data views
  • Adding and editing toolbars
  • Using key-value coding
  • Binding objects
  • Debugging code
  • Distributing an application
  • Creating icons and full-screen apps


- Hi, this is Simon Allardice. Welcome to Cocoa essential training. In this course we're going to build applications that run on Mac OS 10. That's what Cocoa development is all about. And to do this, we're gonna use Xcode, the development environment for creating, testing, debugging and managing Mac apps. You'll see a lot of Objective-C, the main programming language used to create these apps. And Cocoa development has a long history, so we're going to explore the common conventions and guidelines of programming Mac applications that have grown over the years.

Concepts like delegation and model view controller and how they're use in Cocoa. We'll also talk about what's new and up to the minute in Cocoa development now, sandboxing, gatekeeper, and more. And if those terms mean nothing to you now, that's fine. They will by the time we're done. And we'll go over the process of developing a Macintosh application, see what can and should be done with the user interface, talk about testing, debugging, and even publishing your app to the Mac app store, so let's get started.

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