Mac OS X Lion Essential Training

with Christopher Breen
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Mac OS X Lion Essential Training
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In this course, Macworld senior editor Christopher Breen provides a comprehensive overview of Mac OS X Lion, complete with insider tips for getting the most out of the operating system. The course shows how to configure system preferences, personalize the interface, and master gestures, as well as achieve fluency with applications such as Mail, iCal, and Preview. The course also includes tutorials on browsing the web with Safari, automating complex tasks with Automator, sharing over a network, and performing maintenance operations using the disk utility, along with timesaving techniques for using the Mac efficiently.

Topics include:
  • Migrating to Lion
  • Launching and working with applications
  • Organizing workspaces with Mission Control
  • Using Text-to-Speech
  • Searching with Spotlight
  • Backing up with Time Machine
  • Configuring wireless Bluetooth input devices
  • Staying current with Software Update
  • Understanding the Dashboard widgets
  • Filtering junk mail and sorting messages with rules in Mail
  • Playing and recording media with QuickTime
  • Video chatting with FaceTime
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Formatting, partitioning, and repairing storage devices
  • Screen sharing with a remote computer
  • Optimizing Security & Privacy settings
  • Troubleshooting techniques
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- Hi, I'm Chris Breen, and I'm here to welcome you to Mac OS X Lion Essential Training. My goal in this course is to help you understand the operating system, and the bundled applications that make a Mac a Mac. We'll start by customizing the interface so that it's both an efficient work environment and nice to look at. I'll provide insight into putting Lion's touch gestures to good use. I'll help you make Safari the most effective web browser you've ever used. We'll walk through the essential bundled applications, organizing e-mail messages with Mail, managing contacts with Address Book, and scheduling your busy life with iCal.

And I'll take you on a tour of Lion's most important settings, allowing you to completely configure your Mac. I'm excited to show you what Apple's new operating system can do. Let's get started with Mac OS X Lion Essential Training.

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