Logic Pro 9 New Features

with Damian Allen
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Logic Pro 9 New Features
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For audio professionals, Logic Pro 9 New Features highlights the important advancements of this all-in-one production tool. Author and audio professional Damian Allen showcases the top improvements for guitarists, keyboard players, and audio engineers, from Flex Time editing to the Snap feature with Playback. Damian shows how to design an amp, work with the Pedalboard presets, and assemble a preset from scratch. He also works through the enhanced workflow with Drum Replacer options, recording in Replace mode, and converting audio to an EXS instrument. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:
  • Creating, moving, and deleting flex markers
  • Adding effects and reverb to a created amp
  • Importing and exporting tempo information from a session
  • Building guitar tablature from the session
  • Creating new groove templates
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(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Damian Allen. In the following lessons, I'll take you through the core new features in Logic Studio, focusing on its flagship product, Logic Pro 9. Before you dive into individual topics, take a look at the What's New video that most closely matches your background. If you're a guitarist, that's What's New for Guitarists, if you play keyboards, What's New for Keyboard Players, and if you're an audio engineer or recording musician, check out What's New for Engineers.

Then, dive right into the lessons to discover what turns out to be a fairly spectacular step forward for Logic Studio.

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