Logic Pro 8 Essential Training

with Joe Godfrey
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Logic Pro 8 Essential Training
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From simple audio production to multi-take recording, professional composer and musician Joe Godfrey shows how to record, mix, and remix professional audio in Logic Pro 8 Essential Training. Starting with basic customization and recording techniques, Joe goes on to explain Logic's library of sound loops, methods for recording analog and digital instruments and MIDI synths, how to add a soundtrack to a movie, and the process of mixing tracks for fuller sound. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Creating and customizing screensets
  • Using channel strips
  • Working with loops
  • Creating a live tracking session
  • Exploring the potential of sound sculpting
  • Creating audio for video
  • Editing, mixing, and remixing
  • Prepping and printing scores
  • Burning discs with WaveBurner
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Logic Pro


Welcome to Logic 8 Essential Training. I am Joe Godfrey and I will be your guide through these exercises. I have worked with digital audio as a musician, composer, producer and sound designer for advertising, TV, film and new media. If you are a beginner and you have never dealt with digital audio before or if you are already working in another program and you are switching to Logic, I hope you find these exercises to be a stimulating way to learn the program. I have been using Logic since version 4. I started with digital audio in the 80's with a Synclavier then moved to Opcode's Vision and when that went away I had to choose a new best friend and I went with Logic.

Logic has always had a reputation for having a very steep learning curve and with Logic 8, Apple has made pretty much made that go away. And now it has the intuitive feel of a lot of the other programs in the Apple Pro Suite. Logic 8 is probably best known as a music production software, kind of a recording studio on your computer, but lots of other creative artists need the tools that Logic offers. Animators, web designers, game designers, film editors, radio engineers, musicians, everybody that works with audio. Audio projects revolve around good dialogue and narration, good sound effects, and good music and we will be examining options inside of Logic for those audio elements.

Logic lets you accurately capture a performance but that's just the beginning. The beauty of editing digital audio is that you can perfect the performance and modify the performance in a thousand ways. So in this training we will learn how to do that. We will cover how to record, how to edit, how to use the loops and synths inside Logic to create your own compositions, how to combine sounds so they work together, and how to export. So let's get started so you can start creating better audio for your projects.

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