Remixing a Song in Logic Pro

with Josh Harris
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Remixing a Song in Logic Pro
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In this course, author Josh Harris demonstrates constructing a remix using only a pre-existing vocal track as a starting point. The course shows how to time-stretch vocals, offers suggestions for establishing a musical direction, and explains how to audition and layer Apple loops. The course also covers programming beats using synths, generating vocal samples, arranging the remix, and creating master-quality final mixes.

Topics include:
  • Using Logic Pro as a remixing environment
  • Setting up a session
  • Lining up vocals over a kick drum
  • Analyzing chord changes and harmonic structure
  • Programming synth parts
  • Arranging a track
  • Demonstrating advanced vocal editing techniques
  • Mixing the drums, bass, synths, and vocals
  • Mastering the final mix
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Logic Pro


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Josh Harris and welcome to Remixing a Song in Logic Pro. In this course we'll look at how to construct a remix from start to finish using only a pre-existing vocal track as a starting place. ? I know I am simp-a-ly falling for you ? - [Voiceover] I'll start by giving you some suggestions about establishing a musical direction. And showing you how to time stretch a vocal by using Logic's Flex Mode. Then we'll explore the Apple loops library, look at how to import external audio files into your session and see how to program your own beats using Logics powerful virtual synths and compose baselines that complement your drum parts.

I'll show you some of my preferred methods for creating compelling musical arrangements and master quality final mixes. (dynamic music) We'll be covering all these techniques plus plenty of other tools and features along the way to help you get the most out of using Logic Pro to create infectious and memorable remixes. Now, let's get started with Remixing a Song in Logic Pro.

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