Social Selling with LinkedIn

with Jamie Shanks
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Social Selling with LinkedIn
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In this digital age, salespeople must tailor their LinkedIn and Twitter presence to appeal to, and engage with, clients and prospects. Expert social seller Jamie Shanks explores how salespeople can use LinkedIn to establish trust and credibility, and grow their network. He shows you how to edit and improve the four crucial areas of your LinkedIn profile (your photo, headline, summary, and recommendations), and how to develop an efficient (30- to 60-minute) daily routine for social media monitoring and engagement.

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(bells ringing) - Hi, I'm Jamie Shanks. Welcome to Up and Running with Social Selling. One of the core challenges that sales professionals are having is being invisible to the buyer. Today's buyer is learning with or without you. In this course, I'm going to show you how to tailor your LinkedIn presence to number one, establish trust with the buyer. Number two, engage the buyer as a resource, and number three, grow your network for future opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile is no longer a repository for your resume. Let's start redesigning the core elements of your profile, then build a social selling routine that drives results. Let's get started with Up and Running with Social Selling.

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