LinkedIn for Business

with Viveka von Rosen
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LinkedIn for Business
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Learn how to use LinkedIn to help accomplish your sales, branding, lead-gen, and recruiting goals. Join expert Viveka von Rosen as she explores LinkedIn's many professional uses. She shows how to create a great company page, develop content that engages a target audience, and expand your visibility and engagement even further with LinkedIn's sponsored updates, ads, groups, InMail, and more. The final chapter is a bonus for recruiters looking to find just the right job candidates through LinkedIn. So start watching and learn how to grow your company and expand your visibility online with this great business-promotion tool.

Topics include:
  • Understanding company pages and profiles
  • Knowing and finding your audience
  • Using the Who's Viewed Your Profile and You Recently Visited tools
  • Tagging and sharing content
  • Creating a message campaign
  • Building a dynamic company page
  • Creating engaging updates
  • Marketing your LinkedIn page
  • Recruiting with LinkedIn


- [Viveka] I'm Viveka von Rosen and welcome to LinkedIn for business. You know LinkedIn is more than just a glorified Rolodex. It's more than just a job seeking site and even though it's a social media site it is different than Facebook. We'll be taking a look at how to establish your audience on LinkedIn and find and engage with exactly the right prospects, candidates, and partners. We'll examine how to establish your corporate or business presence with company and showcase pages and how to meaningfully engage with your new audience to grow your visibility, personal or company brand, do more business, and make more money.

Over the past seven years as a LinkedIn consultant and trainer, I've learned what to do but more importantly what not to do to get results. So let's get started.

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