Working with flags, stars, and labels

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Working with flags, stars, and labels

In this movie, we'll focus in on how we can rate and rank our photographs using flags, stars, and color labels. Because, you know, one of the things that happens to us often as photographers is that we capture a lot of photographs. We'll often capture images which we really like. We'll also capture images which we don't really like. We'll create great photographs and we'll create bad photographs. And this is something that we all do. So we need some sort of a system, which allows us to rate and rank our photographs. And in Lightroom we can do that by adding flags, stars, and labels.

Eventually we can take advantage of this so that we can then filter and find the keepers. Let's similarly start to focus in on how we can rate or rank our pictures. In the toolbar in order to show these options right here, go ahead and click on this icon. And turn on or click on the selection for flagging, rating, and color label. After you've done that, you'll see these three fields here. Now, here, you can see I have a photograph visible. This comes from the folder, Beach Family. These are some pictures that I captured of some family/friends down at the beach. And I just have a whole slew of pictures here. You can scroll through your photographs by pressing your arrow keys.

Here, I'll tape the right arrow key in order to move through these pictures. In doing that you can see that I have some pictures which are similar, and some that are a little bit different. And what you might want to do is come across a photograph and perhaps you want to rate or label or rank that picture. Let's look at how we can do that. First, we have the option of flagging. Flagging is a way to sort of say hey this image is a select photograph or this is one that I am picking. This is one that I like. To add a flag just click on the flag icon here. Notice that when I move off that image the other image doesn't have any of these criteria attached to it. When we move back, we can see that this image has this flag attached to it. To remove a flag well, we can just click on this icon here. We can also reject an image by clicking here.

Now you may want to do that for those photographs where your exposure is just completely off. It's horrible. We'll talk more about rejecting our pictures later. But here I just want to highlight that we can do that by simply clicking on one of these icons. Alright, well next we have some criteria which allow us to add star rating. This is something that I use on almost every photograph that I have in my Lightroom library. Here you can rate your images based on zero to five star rating. Zero is obviously nothing, or you can click on one star to say, you know what, this image is okay, but it isn't great. Or maybe you want to elevate it a bit to three stars, well just click on the three star rating there.

In this way you can see that we have the star rating now attached to this picture. Later we can take advantage of that. And we can say hey Light Room, just show you the images which have a four star rating. And that way you can quickly whittle those down to the keeper. So you can really focus in on your best photographs. Alright well next we have a system which allows us to add color labels. Here you can see we have all of these various colors. Now what I've found that most do is they kind of have a system in their own mind. In other words, they say, you know what? The red label, that's for those photographs that I want to print. Or maybe that's the label that I want to use when I want to post something on my blog or include it in my portfolio or whatever it is. So let's just say for the sake of argument our red label is the label that we've decided to add to photographs that we really want to make a print of. So in this case, I want to add a red label to this photograph. To do that, I'll just click on that little icon there. To remove that label, again we can just click in order to add or remove this. And as you see as we navigate away from the photograph and then come back, all of this information, well it stays attached to this picture. And here we're encountering one of the advantages of working with Lightroom, because this allows us to really quickly and easily rate and rank our photographs. And eventually, as I mentioned we can then take advantage of this, so we can really focus in on the best pictures that we have in this set. Alright well there you have it, there are a few techniques that we can use in order to add flags, stars, and labels.

Let's go ahead and continue to talk about how we can work with these, and let's do that in the next movie.

Working with flags, stars, and labels
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Working with flags, stars, and labels provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module

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