Working in Grid view and Loupe view

show more Working in Grid view and Loupe view provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 Essential Training show less
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Working in Grid view and Loupe view

One of the strengths of the Library module is that it provides you with a unique way to organize and evaluate your photographs. One of the reasons why the Library module is so good is because we can view our images either in this Grid View mode, or we can "zoom in" and view them in a Loupe View mode. Now, there are number of different ways to navigate between Loupe and Grid. So let me show you a few different techniques. All right. Well for starters you can see I'm in the 02_General_Photos folder sub-folder Kids, and I have selected one of the images.

Now, currently my grid is pretty small. If I want to make this bigger, what I can do is use this thumbnail slider in order to increase the size of those thumbnails. Now if this is invisible what you can do is click in the toolbar on this triangle icon and here you can select what options you want to have visible in the toolbar. For example, I turn on the option for Rating. We can now see those stars show up in the toolbar. All right. So we can navigate with this thumbnail slider. But what if we want an even bigger view? What we can do then is navigate to what's called the Loupe View mode.

You can do that by clicking on this icon here. That will then give us a larger view of the image. What about going back to the Grid View mode? Well in this case, let me share with you a few shortcuts that I think will help you out quite a bit. If you press the G key that will take you to the Grid. If you want to go back to the Loupe View, all you need to do is press the E key. Now, if you ever forget those shortcuts all you need to do is navigate your View pulldown menu, and there you can see we have them listed. The Grid is the G key; the Loupe is the E key.

You can, of course, also select from this pulldown menu in order to change between those two different views. Well there are a couple of other techniques that you may find to be helpful here. You can also press the Spacebar key. That will quickly take you this Loupe View. There is one more I want to share with you, and this one is double-clicking. If you double-click on an image, it will go between the Grid View and then double-click again. It will take you to the Loupe View. Well the last thing that I want to point out here is in regards to the overall interface.

A lot of times what you do is you go to this Loupe View mode in order to evaluate a photograph. You are trying to determine is this image a keeper. Well, a lot of times the Lightroom interface takes up so much space, the top and the panels and the Filmstrip and toolbars, it will be really nice to minimize those in order to be able to focusing on the image and to have a larger preview. Well there is a shortcut for that, and it's one of the shortcuts we've covered in the beginning of this training title, and it's Shift+Tab. What Shift+Tab will do is minimize most of the Lightroom interface so you can really focus in on the image, and it's a great shortcut to have so that you can evaluate your photographs a little bit more effectively.

If you want to bring everything back, well then simply press Shift+Tab one more time.

Working in Grid view and Loupe view
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Working in Grid view and Loupe view provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 Essential Training

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