How To Use The Exercise Files As Part Of Your Training

show more Using the exercise files provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Up and Running with Lightroom 5 show less
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Using the exercise files

The very best way to learn the material in this course is to work along with me. You can use your own photos to do that or if you are a premium member of the training library. You can use the exercise files that I've prepared for you. You can download those exercise files and I suggest you put them on your desktop as I've done here. Inside the Exercise Files folder, you'll find some Chapter folders. And inside each Chapter folder are sub-folders that correspond to the movies. And inside a Movie folder, you'll find some photo files that I'll be using during that movie. Not all movies have exercise files, so you'll find a few numbers skipped here. In order to use the exercise files for your own practice photos during the course you need to import them into a Lightroom catalog. So lets launch Lightroom, if its not already open and create new catalog for these files.

Here you can see the default catalog that Lightroom creates when you first launch the program. I suggest that you keep your exercise files or your practice files for this course separate from your personal photos. And to do that, I recommend that you make a new catalog for just these files. To do that, I'm going to go up to the File menu in Lightroom. If you don't see a file menu, then hold down the Shift key and press the F key a few times to change the screen mode in Lightroom until you see a menu bar. Then, go to the File menu and choose New Catalog.

In the window that opens, navigate to your desktop, where we'll store the catalog files so they're easy to access during this course. Then give the new catalog a name, on a PC in the file name field and here on a Mac in the Save As field. I'll call this catalog Exercise Files Catalog. Then come down and press the Create button on a Mac or the Save button on a PC. That will create a new folder on your desktop for the exercise files catalog, separate from the actual exercise files. Lightroom will relaunch with that catalog, an empty catalog now, and it's time to import the exercise files into this catalog. So, go up to the File menu in Lightroom and choose Import Photos and Video. That opens the Import window.

Go to the From Menu at the top left of this window and from there choose Other Source and navigate to your desktop and then to the Exercise Files Folder. This is the folder that contains the photos that I showed you earlier. Do not choose the Exercise Files Catalog folder. If you look inside of that one, you'll see the database files that make up the catalog. So we want the Exercise Files folder, and then come down and click the Choose button. Now you should see thumbnail previews of all of the photos that are in the Exercise Files. Now this is important, go up to the top of the Import window and make sure that Add is highlighted here.

Don't click Move or Copy or Copy as PNG. We just want to add the Exercise Files to the catalog in place. So with add selected here, we will go over to the column on the right. Here if the file handling panel isn't open then click it's title bar to open it. You can choose the size of the previews that you want to render. I suggest that you render one to one previews, so you won't have to do that later when you're working in Lightroom. It may take a little longer to render the one to one previews, but I think it's worth it. If you're in a hurry, then you can choose Minimal instead.

Leave everything else unchecked. Don't fill in any of these fields. Just click the big Import button at the bottom right of this window. That closes the import window, and will take you back to the Lightroom library. Where you can see from this progress bar that Lightroom is importing the exercise files, and building previews of them. That may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your processor. So you can sit back and relax while Lightroom finishes importing the exercise files. Now, in Lightroom's library module, in the folders panel on the left, you'll see the name of your harddrive with a green light meaning that your drive is online.

Under that, you'll see the exercise files folder. Click the arrow up to the left of the exercise files folder to expand it and here you'll see the Chapter folders for the course. If you click on the arrow up to the left of one of the Chapter folders you'll see the sub folders for the movies in that chapter. And to see its thumbnail previews of the photos in a particular movie folder, just click on that movie folder like this. And then just follow along with me working on these files throughout the course.

Using the exercise files
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Using the exercise files provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Up and Running with Lightroom 5

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