Using Lightroom and Photoshop Together

with Jan Kabili
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Using Lightroom and Photoshop Together
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By combining Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, you can take full advantage of each program's capabilities. Use Lightroom for photo organizing, sharing, and basic image enhancement. When you need more advanced retouching and editing features, one click sends a photo from Lightroom to Photoshop.

In this course, photographer and author Jan Kabili shows how to combine both programs. The course begins with details on how to set up the two programs for maximum compatibility. The course then covers strategies for working with photos in a variety of formats, sending them from Lightroom to Photoshop to viewing the edited results in Lightroom. The final chapter demonstrates several real-world scenarios for using Lightroom and Photoshop together.

Topics include:
  • Setting the Lightroom preferences for editing in Photoshop
  • Passing photos from Lightroom to Photoshop
  • Handling software version mismatches
  • Viewing and organizing Photoshop-edited photos in Lightroom
  • Creating Lightroom presets for external editing
  • Using Lightroom with Photoshop Elements
  • Building a panorama with Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Passing multiple photos to Photoshop for compositing
  • Sending photos to Photoshop for retouching and removing content
  • Bringing photos into Photoshop to add text and graphics
Photoshop Lightroom


- [Voiceover] Hi everyone, I'm Jan Kabili. In this course, I'll show you how to set up both Lightroom and Photoshop to work well together. I'll cover how to move raw files as well as non raw photos like TIFs and PSDs between Lightroom and Photoshop. Then I'll dive into some practical scenarios for using Photoshop and Lightroom together. Like compositing photos, retouching content, building a panorama from multiple photos, and more. So let's get started using Photoshop and Lightroom together.

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