Uploading photos to Flickr

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Uploading photos to Flickr

Now that I've set up my connectivity with Flickr, I'm ready to upload one of my photos to my Photostream. It's actually pretty simple. All that we need to do is to select the photo, and then we can drag it over here to our Photostream. Now, you'll notice that currently it says Import and Export. Well, if you click on Photostream, it will change this button to Publish. What I can do then is I can go ahead and click on this Publish button up top or the Publish button down below. It will show me the progress, that it's updating my Photostream, and eventually Lightroom will update saying, "hey, you know what, this photo has been published, and it is now live on Flickr." Well, what I need to do next is either go to my browser, or even better, you can right-click or Ctrl+click and choose Show in Flickr.

Again, that was right-clicking or Ctrl+clicking the Photostream and then choosing Show in Flickr. This will then open up your browser and here you can see that I have this particular photo now uploaded. Now, it picked up that name that I had included in my Settings, which for this image it worked fine. I currently don't have any comments, so let's say I am going to add a comment, and I am going to say, yeeehooo! great photo. Commenting on my own image, which is kind of funny, but I'll post that comment. There we can see that that one showed up.

Now, why am I doing that? I have a Flickr Pro account which allows me to have some flexibility in regards to commenting, and when I go back to Lightroom, if I go back to my comments field here, you can see there aren't any comments currently. But when you go ahead and click Publish one more time, and what that's going to do is it's going to download comments from this particular photo, and there we can see that comment has now been added. If I want to add another comment, "I agree," and then I'll go ahead and hit Publish. That has now been published to that particular image.

When I go back to Flickr and I hit Refresh here, one of the things we're going to see is we now have two comments on this image. So again, you can start to imagine that not just with Flickr, but with some other services, it's going to be a nice way to communicate with clients and to have that communication integrated right into Lightroom and tied into your overall Lightroom catalog and library, so you can keep track of things. I don't necessarily want to comment on my own photos, so I'm going to go ahead and delete these comments, and I'll go back to the other one and delete that as well.

Well, so far so good. When I look at my Photostream, we can see that I have this image, and it's just part of my Photostream. Yet, one of the problems is that it's not necessarily part of a group. You can see I have these other groups or sets of photos over here, so that if I click on one of these sets, I have images that are all very similar. Well, how then can I take advantage of using Lightroom in order to group or organize my photographs so that they're not just randomly positioned in my stream, but they have a little bit more organization and perhaps a little bit better naming convention? Let's take a look at how we can take this even further in the next movie.

Uploading photos to Flickr
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Uploading photos to Flickr provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 New Features

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