Uploading photos to Flickr

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Uploading photos to Flickr

Now that we've set up our Flickr connection, we're ready to upload a few different photographs. All that we need to do is to select the photographs and then make our way down to the Publish Services panel. Here, we can either select the file from the Filmstrip below and drag and drop it into the Photostream, or we can go to our Grid view mode, and then make a selection of an image, select that thumbnail, and then drag and drop that image into the Photostream. Now at first glance, nothing has really happened.

In order to make something happen, what we have to do is click on the Photostream. Now, here it will tell me that I have some new photos to publish. In this case, if I publish them now, these will be published to my main Photostream in a way that isn't quite organized; rather, these will just be the most recent photos in the set. Okay. Well, that sounds fine, initially. Let's go ahead and publish these, either by clicking the Publish button down below, or the Publish button up top. All right, well, now that I do that, Lightroom will give me some progress.

It says, hey, it's updating my Photostream, and once this has been complete, the interface will change a little bit, where it will show me which particular photographs have been published. And now it's telling me that these two photos are now live on Flickr. They have been published. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to navigate down to my Web browser, and I'm going to open that up, and I'm going to refresh the view of my Photostream. What I'll see is that at the top of my Photostream, I now have these two images.

Now, one of the things that's happened with these two files is that they're just at the top. They are not really organized. They're not part of a set of photos, like if we scroll down; we have a nice little set of a group of images. So, in this particular case, how could I export from Lightroom and make my images as part of a little group or set. One of the things that I would need to do would be to go back to my Photostream and then delete these photos. I'll go ahead and delete them one at a time, so they have now been removed from Flickr.

Let's go back to Lightroom. Back in Lightroom, if I want to create a set, or a group, or almost like a little folder of images on Flickr, what I'm going to do is click on this Plus icon, and then choose Create Photoset. If you're familiar with Collections, photosets work a lot like Collections. We will go ahead and create a little collection, and I'm just going to call this surfer. No need to include the selected photos. I'll add them manually, and I'll hit Create. This will then create another little connection there for me.

In this case, I'll select these photos, and I'm going to drag these into this new location here. You notice that I can drag them from this location, or I can go into the folder and select the files, or I can go into the Collection and select the files. Basically, I can make a selection of the photos from anywhere with inside of this Library Module. Well, now that I have these two photos here, I'll click on this particular Photoset and publish these out by clicking on the Publish button. [00:02:58797] Now again, Lightroom will give me some progress, and say hey, we're updating this particular set, and we're going to process and upload these files and show you once they've been published.

Once these photos have been published, I can go ahead and make my way back to my Web browser, and then refresh this view once again. What we're going to see is that while these two photos will be in the top position in my Photostream, I also have them grouped or organized in a particular way. And this is really nice, because a lot of times we photograph different things, and this can give the user, or the community, a way to access these particular photographs.

Uploading photos to Flickr
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Uploading photos to Flickr provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 Essential Training

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