Sharing Photos Online with Lightroom 5

with Jan Kabili
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Sharing Photos Online with Lightroom 5
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Adobe Lightroom 5 adds a variety of photo-sharing features, including the ability to email photos as well as publish them on sites such as Facebook and Flickr. Learn how to start sharing your images with friends, in this course with author and photographer Jan Kabili. Jan begins with a look at exporting photos from Lightroom—and a handy Photoshop action you can use to batch process the export. Next, she details ways to use Lightroom's Publish Services panel to share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Behance, and Google+. Then learn how to share photos via email, either within Lightroom itself or by having Lightroom hand photos off to a desktop email client, such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Topics include:
  • Exporting photos for the web
  • Choosing export settings
  • Creating a Photoshop action to export Lightroom photos
  • Setting up a Lightroom-to-Facebook publish service
  • Exchanging Facebook comments via Lightroom
  • Working with collections in a publish service
  • Publishing photos to Flickr, Google+, and Behance
  • Exporting to a hard drive
  • Emailing photos


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jan Kabili. Welcome to Sharing Photos Online with Lightroom 5. As a Lightroom user, you know what a great program Lightroom is for managing and processing your photos. This course takes your Lightroom skills a step further with a deep dive into how to get your photos out of Lightroom and share them online. We'll start with a detailed look at exporting photos from Lightroom. I'll show you how to incorporate a Photoshop action into your Lightroom export settings, to batch process multiple photos upon export from Lightroom. Then we'll dig into Publish Services.

A great feature that can save you lots of time outputting photos directly from Lightroom to Facebook, Flickr, Adobe Behance and even to a hard drive. And I'll show you how to add additional publish services to Lightroom, like one that you can use to export directly to Google+. We'll finish up with a close look at how to send photos directly from Lightroom by e-mail with whatever e-mail service you normally use. I'm really excited to share these time saving techniques with you so let's get started Sharing Photos Online with Lightroom 5.

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