Lightroom 4 Catalogs in Depth

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom 4 Catalogs in Depth
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In this course, Chris Orwig investigates the Lightroom properties as a digital asset management (DAM) system—specifically, its catalogs, which track the location, metadata, and keyword tags associated with your images. The course shows how to import images into a catalog and keep them current with synchronized folders, maintain good backup practices, and recover and restore a catalog. Chris also provides his recommendations on hard drive options, and explains the process and benefits to raw processing when working with catalogs.

Topics include:
  • Comparing RAID storage to JBOD storage
  • Finding images in a catalog
  • Importing images
  • Understanding the difference between catalogs, collections, and folders
  • Optimizing catalogs and upgrading legacy catalogs
  • Merging catalogs
  • Relinking images
  • Solving conflicts with new hard drives
  • Restoring from backups
  • Saving adjustments to raw files


- Hi, my name is Chris Orwig. Welcome to this course light room for catalogs in depth. You know, I'm really excited about this course because it's one of those courses which is gonna provide you with information that will give you a competitive edge and it will really help you improve your overall workflow cause here we're gonna understand how to really work with catalogs. We'll start off by taking a look at how we can work with hard drives and how we can develop an effective digital-asset management strategy and then we'll dig in the topic of working with catalogs.

What is a catalog and why does it matter? I'll share with you a few best practices when considering how to work with catalogs or how we can work with the scenario, say where we have a catalog on a laptop and also on a desktop, how can we merge or bring those two catalogs together and then we'll talk a little bit about some common catalog problems and also some solutions. We'll be covering all these topics and more so without further delay, let's begin.

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