Photographic workflow puzzle

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Photographic workflow puzzle

It is an incredibly exciting time for photography as I'm sure you would agree. You know the digital revolution has infused so much creativity, so much passion, and so much innovation into photography, yet there is a problem. With all of this innovation, there is a bit of confusion. How do I make sense of all of these different things? How do I put together a workflow that's actually efficient? And in dealing with this conundrum, I think it's kind of helpful to step back and talk a little bit about our workflow.

And here we have some graphics, which visualize the workflow from input all the way over here on the left to output on the right. And typically what we do is we capture our photographs. We then transfer them via a media card to our computer. We have our main hard drive, some backup hard drives. And we definitely need some kind of RAID device or something that's really reliable. And then finally we output our images whether online or onscreen or in print format. Now the three applications that are typically used in regards to this overall workflow are Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop.

And I get a lot of questions about these three applications. And a lot of these questions are, you know, should I use one versus another? Should I use Lightroom versus Photoshop or is it Lightroom versus Bridge? Well, I don't think it's an either/or question. Rather, I like to think of these three applications as part of the same family. Now they're all very distinct. Yet they were designed and built to work together. Well, you then may be thinking, okay, well, should I just use them all equally? Well, not necessarily.

Here is what my workflow looks like, and I think this is mirrored and shared by a lot of other photographers as well. In my own workflow, I use Bridge only in real functional situations. And I don't use it that frequently. On the other hand as you can see by way of these graphics, Lightroom, that's the bad boy. That's my mainstay. That's the application that I'm using most frequently. And as you can see here this is bigger than the other two applications. Well, what then about Photoshop? Do you not use that as much? Well, I still use Photoshop a ton, because there are certain things that you can only do in Photoshop.

In certain areas Photoshop is still king. So again, if you want to create a good overall workflow, at least in my opinion, you want to use these three applications. All right, so then you may be thinking, okay, well, if Lightroom is this program that's really significant, that you're using on a regular basis, well, tell me a little bit more why use this. Well, let's go ahead and dig into that question in the next movie.

Photographic workflow puzzle
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Photographic workflow puzzle provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 Essential Training

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