Lightroom Power Shortcuts

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom Power Shortcuts
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This course enables you to harness the diverse features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom literally at the touch of a button. Photographer and teacher Chris Orwig shares the keyboard shortcuts that make working with the modules in Lightroom more intuitive and efficient, including ways to navigate the interface, minimizing, maximizing, and zooming panels and images as you go, as well as methods for importing images. Chris also demonstrates shortcuts for organizing images with labels, stars, flags, and collections; editing image metadata; working with video; and making a wide range of image adjustments. The course provides photo editors with a whole new way to extend their reach in Lightroom: by bringing their toolset closer to the workbench.

Topics include:
  • Minimizing different areas of the interface
  • Performing a tethered capture
  • Finding, selecting, and labeling images
  • Working with stacks, collections, and Quick Collections
  • Adding keywords to images
  • Working with a second monitor
  • Exporting and emailing photos
  • Correcting white balance
  • Converting a photo to black and white
  • Rotating and flipping images
  • Creating virtual copies
  • Making better split toning adjustments
  • Retouching with the Spot Healing tool
  • Making corrections with the Adjustment Brush
  • Adding geolocation information
  • Creating impromptu slideshows and web galleries


- Welcome to Lightroom 4, Power Shortcuts. Hi! My name is Chris Orwig. I'm a photographer and a teacher. In this course, I want to share with you some shortcuts which will help you to be at the top of your game in regards to working with Lightroom. We'll start off by covering some of those foundational shortcuts that everyone needs to know. Then we'll spend some time looking at shortcuts in the different modules. We'll look at how we can work in the library module, and we'll cover topics like importing, organizing our photographs, or adding metadata. We'll spend a lot of time in the develop module here.

We'll explore how we can enhance and correct our photographs, how we can make those core adjustments to our images. We'll also cover many of the other modules. Whether that's the map, the book, the slide show, print, or web modules. So if you're ready to take your Lightroom skills to the next level, let's begin. Before we begin, I wanted to make a quick comment about how the version of Lightroom that you may be using will affect the shortcuts that you learn. Whether you're using the most recent version of Lightroom, or one of the older versions, the shortcuts are nearly identical.

To be more specific, 95% of the shortcuts are the same. The only difference is when a newer version of Lightroom introduces a new tool or technique. Otherwise, the shortcuts discussed in this course will be relevant to you regardless of the version of the software you're using.

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