Lightroom 5 Essentials: 04 Develop Module Advanced Techniques

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom 5 Essentials: 04 Develop Module Advanced Techniques
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In this Lightroom 5 Essentials installment, Chris Orwig breaks out the Adobe Lightroom power tools. Learn advanced techniques to improve images with creative color, retouching, and other effects in the Develop module. Chris shows you how to crop and straighten your photographs for instantly improved compositions; remove dust and distracting background elements; selectively paint in adjustments to make your subject's skin, teeth, and eyes shine in portraits; and make both subtle and dramatic color changes, including black-and-white conversions. Plus, learn to increase image quality through noise reduction and clarity adjustments, apply split toning and vignettes, and correct for lens distortion.

Topics include:
  • Cropping and straightening photos
  • Retouching with the Spot Removal tool
  • Enhancing the sky with the Graduated Filter tool
  • Improving exposure and color with the Adjustment Brush
  • Modifying tone with the Tone Curve controls
  • Creating better black-and-white photos
  • Reducing noise with sharpening
  • Split toning to create a sepia tone
  • Correcting distortion
  • Understanding camera calibration in Lightroom


- Welcome, my name is Chris Orwig. I'm a photographer, author, and educator, and welcome to this series, Lightroom 5 Essentials. You know Lightroom has quickly become one of the most dominant image editing tools in the world. And if you're curious to learn why and to discover how you can use Lightroom to improve your work flow in your photographs, well, you've come to the right place. The goal for this series is to cover what you need to know in order to begin to achieve professional results. In this installment, the fourth in our series, we'll focus in on advanced techniques in the Develop module.

You know the Develop module is the place that you go in Lightroom in order to correct, enhance and improve your photographs. And in this course, we'll be covering a range of topics. Let me highlight a few. We'll talk about how we can crop and recompose our images. How we can retouch our photographs and how we can remove or reduce distractions and blemishes. We'll explore how we can work with the graduated filter in order to modify a larger area of the photograph. Or how we can use the adjustment brush in order to paint in adjustments to specific areas.

We'll examine how we can create more interesting black and white photographs. Or how we can add a split toning effect. We'll look at how we can reduce noise and sharpen our photographs. And how we can apply some important lens corrections, whether that's to level a photograph, correct perspective, or to remove some dramatic distortion. We'll be covering all of these topics and more, so without further delay, let's begin.

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