Lightroom 5: 03 Basics of Image Sharing

with Tim Grey
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Lightroom 5: 03 Basics of Image Sharing
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Want to share your photography with the world? Join Tim Grey, as he guides you through sharing your images with Lightroom, including exporting and emailing images as well as automatically posting images to online sharing sites such as Facebook and Flickr. This short course also touches on watermarking your images to prevent their reuse elsewhere.

This course was created by Tim Grey. We're honored to host this training in our library. Watch more courses in this series here.


Selecting images for sharing

- [Voiceover] In order to share images from within Lightroom, of course you need to select the image or images that you actually want to share. And there are a variety of ways that you might actually navigate to the particular photos that you'd like to select from. But even after having navigated to a particular folder location for example, you may need to select individual images in order to select them for sharing. So for example in this case I may have gone to one of my catalog options such as the quick collection or I might of gone to a particular folder.

Or a specific collection that I've created for some purpose. In this case, I'm simply browsing a folder full of images, I can then utilize the various filter options, for example, above the film strip over up the far right. You'll find a set of controls for filtering images based on basic criteria. I could also press the backslash key in order to bring up the library filter. And then I could filter my images by a wide variety of criteria. In this case though, I'm simply going to select among the available images on the film strip.

In other words, I've already located the particular images that I want to share. And now I simply want to select the specific images that I'm going to share, however I intend to actually share them. The process of selecting one or more images within Lightroom is essentially the same as you may already be familiar with in terms of selecting files within your operating system. For example, if I click on a thumbnail on a filmstrip, that will select that particular image. If I want to select multiple images in sequence, I can start by clicking ht first image in that sequence.

And then hold the shift key and click the last image in that sequence. And that will select all images from the beginning to the end, in other words. From the first image I clicked on, all the way through to the image that shift clicked on with all images in between selected as well. So in this case for example, I clicked on one image. I held the shift key and clicked on another image, and I know have a total of eight images selected. If I want to clear a selection, so that only a single image is actually selected. I can simply click in the area outside the thumbnail.

I'll go ahead and click outside of this image for example, and you can see that now only that image is actually selected. If I'd like to select multiple images that are not contiguous to each other, I can use the control key on Windows. Or the command key on Macintosh. So let's assume that I want to share only the images of the red barns here. I can click on one image with the red barn and then hold the control key on Windows or the command key on Macintosh. While I click on additional images that I would like to select.

So in this case I have three images selected and they are not contiguous. They are not in a single line in that filmstrip. Using these basic techniques you can select the various images that you would like to share in a variety of ways. Within Lightroom, and then proceed with actually sharing those images.

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