Lightroom 4 Image Optimization Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Lightroom 4 Image Optimization Workshop
Video duration: 0s 2h 21m Intermediate


In this workshop digital imaging guru Tim Grey focuses on the Develop module of Adobe Lightroom 4. Starting with an overview of the image optimization workflow in Lightroom, Tim walks you through the process of evaluating your images and deciding what adjustments you need to make. He teaches you how to use the Develop module's presets to achieve quick results, as well as how to apply your own adjustments, from simple exposure and color adjustments to advanced options like the Tone Curve and the Graduated Filter tool. Learn techniques for cleaning up your images, applying creative adjustments, and duplicating adjustments across multiple images. Finally, get some tips for integrating Lightroom and Photoshop to create panoramas and high dynamic range images.

Topics include:
  • Evaluating images
  • Seeing a before and after view
  • Correcting mistakes with the History and Snapshot features
  • Develop module basics
  • Fine-tuning with the Tone Curve
  • Sharpening an image
  • Painting adjustments into an image
  • Image cleanup
  • Creative adjustments
  • Duplicating adjustments
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- Hello, I'm Tim Grey and I'll be your trainer for this video training title aimed at helping you make your photos look their best with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. For about the last 15 years, I've been helping photographers make the most of their digital workflow by writing books and magazine articles, leading photography workshops, and speaking at various events around the world. More recently, I've been producing video training titles with the help of video2brain, aimed at helping photographers improve their photography and their digital workflow. In this video workshop, I'm going to help you understand all of the various options for optimizing the appearance of your photos in Lightroom.

I'm not just going to show you what all the sliders and buttons do, but rather, will help you understand what's actually happening to your photos. I'll show you which controls I use the most and which I don't use that often. I'll share with you the techniques I use for my own photographic images to help you figure out an approach that works best for your images. The many techniques I'll demonstrate cover the gamut of adjustments you'll want to apply to your images, including basic adjustments, more advanced adjustments for fine control, targeted adjustments that affect only a specific area of an image, clean up techniques, and even some creative adjustments.

My aim is to help you not only understand how the various image optimization controls in Lightroom work, but also how to best utilize those controls to make your photographic images look their best. So join me as we explore all Lightroom has to offer to help your digital photos really shine.

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