Enhancing a Landscape Photo with Lightroom

with Jan Kabili
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Enhancing a Landscape Photo with Lightroom
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Learn how to enhance the natural beauty of a landscape photo with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this short start-to-finish editing project, author Jan Kabili walks you through corrections for common issues you may have in your own landscape photos. She shows you how to create a mood with white balance, enhance contrast and detail with tonal adjustments, increase image intensity, make corrections to specific areas of the photo, and export the final processed photo.



- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Jan Kabili. Welcome to Enhancing a Landscape Photo with Lightroom. Throughout this course, we'll use Lightroom's global and local correction tools to take this image from this unprocessed version to look more like this. We'll start this project in Lightroom's Develop module, applying global adjustments to color, tone and capture sharpening. Then we'll dig deeper, applying targeted adjustments to individual colors and isolated areas of the photo. Finally, we'll export a non-raw copy of the photo for use online or other specific purposes.

Along the way, I'll share tips and techniques for working in Lightroom to bring out the best in your own landscape photos, so let's get started with enhancing a landscape photo in Lightroom.

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