Adding keywords

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Adding keywords

When it comes to organizing, filtering and finding your photographs. One of the things that you can do to make this whole process work more effectively for you, is you can add keywords to your images or video files. Here in this movie, we'll take a look at how we can do that. We'll be working with this folder, which is titled jeff, and, inside of this folder. I have some images or photographs that I captured of one of my friends, Jeff Johnson, a really fascinating person. And here I captured these images on film, and I scanned the film. And I want to add some keywords to these photographs.

Now that being said, keep in mind you can work with digital images, video files, etcetera. Alright, well let's add some key words to these. First, though, I want to view these images a little bit larger. To do that I'll click on the icon which allows use to access theLoop view, or you can just press the E key to do so. Again this is a photograph of one of my friends Jeff Johnson. And so I want to add his name and also the location in the environment as helpful key words which will later help me to find these particular pictures. To do that, we'll open up the Keywording panel here just click to expand that panel, and then you can begin to add keywords.

And you don't need to worry about adding these alphabetically. Lightroom will take care of that for you. So, first I'll go ahead and type out the location, which was Ventura, then press Enter or Return. Then I'll type out his name, Jeff Johnson. Again, a fascinating character. Photographer, rock climber, surfer, a really interesting guy, alright? I'll also add train tracks. And there you have it. We have some key words. Alright, well, in this case, we have a few key words which describe this particular picture. Well next what I want to do is move to another photograph.

Say this one right here. And I want to add some keywords to this picture as well. Well we could of course start to simply type and to add some keywords. I'll begin by typing out his name, so I'll go ahead and type out his name. Notice that it remembered that keyword and it automatically ended that, or helped me to fill that in. Again, here we can press Enter or Return in order to be able to select that option. And then press Enter or Return to apply it. I'll start to type out Ventura, there it is. Press Tab to select or you can also press Enter or Return to select, and then press Enter or Return to apply that. You know another way that you can take advantage of keywords that you've used, is to open up the option for Keyword Suggestions, or Keyword Set. Let's begin by taking a look at Keyword Suggestions.

Here, if we expand that, you'll notice that it's suggesting that I use train track as an option as well. Because it found or discovered these similar keywords, it's going to try to discover what other keywords I might want to use. So in this case, this can help me to find those more easily. Let's move to another photograph this one here and again notice the keyword suggestions. It doesn't exactly know what to do but its trying to figure out how we work with keywording and typically we have a rhythm or pattern. So here its using keywords which I've used recently, and that brings me to the next point.

Another way that you can access keywords is to use Keyword Sets. In this case, we have a keyword set of outdoor photography, or we can also use recent keywords. Here we have some recent keywords, to add those, just click on those words. We can then add those to this particular picture. Well, what about adding keywords to more than one photograph? Well, if you click on one image, hold down the Shift key, then click on another, and select all of these. What you can do is add keywords, either by typing out the keyword, or by using Keyword Suggestions, and clicking on the suggestion.

Or by using Keyword Sets, and just clicking on the keywords there. So again, you have three different methods for adding keywords. Type them out, click on the option and Keyword Suggestions, or click down to your Keyword Set, in this case, and work with those recent keywords here. In this case, all of these keywords have now been added to all of the images which I selected. If we click off of those, and then click on to an image, you'll see that those keywords were indeed added to these photographs. Now when I get to this picture here, which has empty train tracks, I realize that I have a keyword that I need to remove. Well, how can we do that? We'll just click into this Keyword area, Click and Drag to highlight the keyword that you want to get rid of. Then press Delete or Backspace in order to take care of that. Then to exit out of that you can press Enter or Return. So as you can see here, it's pretty easy to start to add and change and modify keywords that you have added to your overall photographs. Alright, well last but not least, before we wrap up this initial conversation, what I want to do is talk about how I have a keyword here, which is train track. And I actually want to change that to something else. I want it to read Train Tracks, rather than Train Track, singular. Well in order to modify that, what what we need to do, is we need to make a change to the entire group of photographs.

Or the the keyword that we have here in our Keyword List. Here if we click to expand the Keyword List, we can scroll down until we find that particular keyword. If you want to change it, right-click or Ctrl+clck and choose Edit Keyword Tag. You know, sometimes, what will happen, is, you'll add keywords to a group of photographs, like I've done here. And then, at the end, you'll realize that you have a typo or a spelling mistake. And rather than having to go back through all of those hundreds of photographs that you've worked on. You can go to this area, and simply change the spelling, or make the correction here. So again, you can access that by right-clicking or Ctrl+clicking on the keyboard that you want to change.

Select the menu item, which is edit Keyword Tag, and I'll go ahead and change this to Train Tracks, that will work better, and then we'll click Save. In doing that now when we scroll back up here you'll notice that as I click through these photographs. These all now have this corrected keyword tag, which is Train Tracks, rather that the singular, train track. Alright, well there you have it, a quick introduction to key wording. We have some more ground to cover with working with keywords so let's go ahead and continue this conversation and we'll do that in the next movie.

Adding keywords
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Adding keywords provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 5 Essentials: 02 Managing Images with the Library Module

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