Adding and importing photos from a folder

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Adding and importing photos from a folder

Another common way to bring photos into Lightroom is to import photos that already exist in the folder hierarchy, and we just want to keep that as is. Let's go ahead and do that here. We'll navigate to our File pulldown menu and choose Import. This will then open up the Import dialog. We need to select a source. So go to exercise_files. The interesting thing about this folder is there are a number of different subfolders inside of it. Lightroom is able to see through to those, all of these different folders here, because this option is turned on. Now, if you turn this off, it will always tell you, "hey, there aren't any folders there." You can include subfolders, and then that will show you what are inside of the different folders.

Now, one of the things that we want to do here is not Copy as DNG or Copy or Move. We simply want to add the files. We want to say, hey, bring all of these files into our Lightroom catalog. We just want to recognize that they exist. All right. Well, let's move over to File Handling. Well, in File Handling, we don't want to import suspected duplicates. This is going to be important, because this lynda folder is here, that's the folder we've already imported. We don't want to re-import that. We also don't need to make a backup copy anywhere, because we're assuming we probably already have a backup copy in another place. Now, Apply During Import, the one thing I do want to do is apply this particular metadata.

Let's say that I decide I want to add some more keywords. I am going to go ahead and add keyword Lightroom 3 essentials and and training. Now that I have all of these keywords, one of the things that I can do, I have my Metadata, my File Handling is I can create a preset. If you notice there is an Import Preset down below. Currently it's turned on to None. I can save all of these current settings as a preset. I'll just call this lr3 for Lightroom 3 and Essentials. Then I'll go ahead and click Create.

Well, now what this particular preset is going to do is it's going to remember all of these settings. Let me illustrate that. Let's cancel out of this Import dialog for a second and then go ahead and reopen Import. I'll select the folder exercise_files. You notice currently there aren't any keywords applied. My File Handling I have here. Let's say I go to Add, and I have my Standard, Apply During Import. I don't have any keywords. Well, if I choose from my Import Preset that particular preset I just saved previously, you notice that it will then apply all of those settings.

So as you can imagine, presets are really nice. If you tend to import files in a particular way, with particular types of keywords or particular types of settings or rendering content, or whatever it is, this can really speed up your overall Import workflow. Well, let's go ahead and click on the Import button and bring all of these Exercise Files into Lightroom. Here you can see that it's going to work pretty quickly to bring all these files in. It's rendering previews again really fast. One of the things that you'll notice is that it's brought in all these files, including these Lynda images here.

Now, the only problem with this particular organization is that I have this one movie file, and it doesn't really belong in this lynda folder. So let's say that what I want to do is create a new folder. How can I do that? Well, one of the things that you can do is, let's say, click on exercise_files. Then I'll right-click or I'll Ctrl+ click, and that gives me this contextual menu which says, "Create a Folder inside of exercise_files." I'm going to do just that. I'm going to create a folder, and I'm going to call the folder movies.

Now that I have that folder, when I go back to my lynda folder and I have this little movie, I can drag and drop that into that location. It says, "hey, you're going to move this file on your hard drive. Do you really want to do that?" Heck yeah. I'll go ahead and click Move, and now that particular file is inside of this movies folder. It's really easy to change your folder structure after the fact if you need to, or if you need to shuffle things around a little bit. All right. Well, that wraps up our look at how we can import images from a preexisting folder.

Adding and importing photos from a folder
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Adding and importing photos from a folder provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Lightroom 3 New Features

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