Lightroom 2 New Features

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom 2 New Features
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Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 is a powerful photographic workflow application designed to help photographers expand their creative potential. In Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 New Features, instructor Chris Orwig brings fellow photographers up to speed with the application's essential new features. He explores the new cropping and vignetting controls and discusses raw retouching with the new Retouch tool. He explains how to take advantage of these powerful features and become a more effective and creative photographer.

Topics include:
  • Using the Text, Refine, and Metadata filters to organize and access images
  • Managing an image library with the Catalog panel, folders, and collections
  • Designing slideshow presentations
  • Exploring the enhanced Split Toning tool
  • Using the improved sharpening and detail features
  • Printing high-quality images


Welcome. My name's Chris Orwig. I'm a pro photographer and I'm on the faculty of the Brooks Institute of Photography. And you know us photographers we have interesting relationships with our tools, whether cameras are software, and one of reasons we have this interesting relationship is that tools are really technical and technical things can bog you down. Yet if you learn how to use these tools well, it can ignite, it can inspire, it can enliven, it can shape who you are, what you see and what you create. Well, my hope with this training is this. I hope that by showing you some of that important new features inside of Lightroom 2.0 that this will help you expand who you are and what you create and ultimately will help you get more out of Lightroom so that you can be a better photographer. Well we have a lot of ground to cover so without further delay, let's begin.

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