Up and Running with Lectora Inspire

with David Rivers
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Up and Running with Lectora Inspire
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What is Lectora Inspire? Together, it's a suite of rapid elearning development tools that helps you create sleek, interactive courses. In this course, author and elearning expert David Rivers shows you what you need to know to hit the ground running with Lectora Inspire. Learn how to create a new title in multiple ways (even based on a PowerPoint presentation) and add text, graphics, audio, and videos. Then David covers how to enhance your course with Lectora Inspire's page layout and design features, and make it interactive with actions. Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your courses and the knowledge of your students? David also shows you how to incorporate test and quizzes. Last, you'll go through the process of publishing, including AICC- and SCORM-compliant options.

Topics include:
  • Setting up a title
  • Adding structure with chapters and sections
  • Formatting text
  • Using images, audio, and video
  • Creating a new page layout
  • Adding page transitions
  • Working with actions: playing media, adding buttons, and more
  • Adding test questions
  • Publishing your Lectora title
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Lectora Inspire


- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to Up and Running with Lectora Inspire. I'm David Rivers. Lectora Inspire is a suite of rapid development, e-learning development software, and tools. Giving you everything you need to create visually stunning and interactive e-learning courses, with no programming required. This course is designed to provide you with enough knowledge to get you started using Lectora Inspire. We'll begin with the basics getting you familiar with the user interface and your work environment before exploring the various ways to set up a new title.

We'll spend some time working with various types of text content. Graphics and other types of media before moving into the features and functions of page lay-out and design. The best e-learning courses are interactive so we will spend some time learning about the various actions and interactions you can create with Lectora to make your e-learning courses stand out. And if you want to evaluate the effectiveness of the courses you create with Lectora. Tests and quizzes are an excellent option. We'll examine the testing and quizzing options you have at your disposal here in Lectora.

Finally you want to get your e-learning courses out to the masses. We'll go through the process of publishing your titles as well as the various publishing options you have to choose from using Lectora. Including ways to make your courses AICC or SCORM-compliant. With so much to cover, let's get you up and running with Lectora Inspire.

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