Up and Running with Laravel

with Joseph Lowery
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Up and Running with Laravel
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What is Laravel? It's a popular PHP framework similar to CakePHP or CodeIgniter. It offers all of the standard MVC capabilities and provides features targeted specifically at designers. In this course, Joseph Lowery shows you how to install Laravel and Composer—its dependencies manager—and start creating pages with Laravel's powerful syntax and flexible HTML views. He'll also show how to use the Blade templating system, which will be a big help in the next chapter, when you build your first Laravel app—a user authentication app. Last, you'll check your app and see how Laravel code holds up in testing.

Topics include:
  • Installing Laravel
  • Handling testing
  • Establishing an HTML view
  • Connecting to a database
  • Enabling version control
  • Setting up-and-running unit tests


- [Voiceover] Hey, it's Joe Lowery. Welcome to Up and Running with Laravel. Laravel has been recognized as one of the fastest growing PHP frameworks and you'll soon see why as you progress through the course. We'll start with a general overview of Laravel and we'll also explore Composer, the PHP dependencies manager underlying Laravel. I'll show you how to install both to get you going. Next, we'll cover Laravel's powerful routing syntax and it's flexible HTML views. Database handling is a must and Laravel keeps it straightforward yet robust with Ruby on Rails-like migrations.

We'll then examine another elegant Laravel implementation blade for expressive templating. Once you have these basics under your belt, you're ready to build your first Laravel app. We'll tackle one that authenticates users efficiently, thanks to the built-in protocols and methods. Finally, we'll take a look at how Laravel handles the essential but onerous task of testing. Ready to get up and running with Laravel? Let's go for it.

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