iWork for iPad Essential Training

with Richard Harrington
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iWork for iPad Essential Training
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Discover how to use iWork, Apple's office productivity suite, on the iPad.Author Rich Harrington shows how to get the most from each of the three apps: Keynote, for presentations; Pages, for working with text documents; and Numbers, for spreadsheets. Learn how to work with text, photos, tables, charts, shapes, and photos in each program. Plus, learn about the multiple benefits of iCloud: collaborating with others, synchronizing your iPad with your Mac or PC, and backing up important documents.

Topics include:
  • Installing iWork
  • Setting up an iCloud account
  • Syncing documents and photos
  • Creating new documents
  • Working with the touchscreen controls and onscreen keyboard
  • Working with text
  • Adding shapes and images
  • Creating tables and charts
  • Editing presentations
  • Adding transitions and animations to slideshows
  • Sharing and printing iWork documents
Keynote Numbers Pages


(theme music) - Hi, my name is Rich Harrington and welcome to this course where we explore using the iWork application for iOS. It doesn't matter if you are using iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPhone, or even an iPod in some cases, you can access these great productivity apps from Apple. I'm going to show you different ways to use these applications to get common tasks done, as well as how to synchronize things from your iOS device back to your laptop as well as iCloud. There's a lot of different things to cover here, and depending upon your needs you may find yourself focusing on one area.

We're going to take a look at Keynote for presentations, Apple Pages for working with documents, and Numbers for spreadsheets. And you may find a little bit of overlap between some of the sections as the user interfaces are similar. But I've designed the course so you can fully learn about each of those applications and get the most essential training under your belt. Besides individual sections for each of the three apps there are some sections of this course that are designed for all of the apps. Things like how to collaborate with iCloud or sync documents between your Mac and your iOS device, or your PC and your iOS device, as well as common tasks like printing and sharing.

Make sure you explore these sections as they apply to all of the iWork apps. We've got a lot of great things to cover and I'd like to welcome you to the course.

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