Keynote 6: From Outline to Presentation

with Richard Harrington
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Keynote 6: From Outline to Presentation
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Learn how to build a Keynote presentation from scratch quickly in this course with Rich Harrington. First, you'll discover how to gather your assets, choose a theme, and create a basic outline, and then convert that outline into a basic Keynote slideshow. Next, you'll format your slides and learn to work with text, photos, video, charts, and shapes. Finally, you'll learn how to add the animation that brings your slideshow to life and then get Rich's tips on packaging, testing, and rehearsing your presentation. This course was designed for new users of Keynote that need to get up and running quickly, but even old hands will enjoy the time-saving shortcuts and design tips.

Topics include:
  • Setting your presentation goal
  • Creating an outline
  • Converting an outline to the initial slide deck
  • Adjusting the layout of a master slide
  • Changing themes
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Inserting images and video
  • Adding webpages
  • Creating text builds and Smart Builds
  • Animating images
  • Testing and rehearsing your presentation


(exciting music) - Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and today we're going to be taking a look at Apple Keynote. I'm gonna walk you through the process of going from an outline, to a finished presentation. The emphasis here is not on learning everything that keynote can do, but rather to give you a nice quick start, so that you can jump right in and build a presentation. I'll walk you through some of the best practices with getting organized, gathering your assets, and then quickly flowing that into a final presentation. Once the presentation is built, we'll proof it, we'll optimize all the files, gather them up so they can easily be moved from one machine to another, and then rehearse the presentation.

The whole goal here is to get you up and running on Keynote quickly, but even if you're an experienced user, I'm still gonna show you a lot of time saving shortcuts, as well as design theory to make your presentations better.

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