Delivering Keynote 6 Presentations

with Richard Harrington
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Delivering Keynote 6 Presentations
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Having a killer Keynote deck isn't enough—you have to wow your audience with a well-planned presentation. Author Rich Harrington shows you how to successfully export a Keynote deck and deliver a compelling presentation. He also covers rehearsing your talking points, connecting to a screen, and creating handouts to accompany your slideshow.

Topics include:
  • Adding presenter notes and comments
  • Recording timings
  • Rehearsing on an iPad
  • Mastering Keynote keyboard shortcuts
  • Controlling a presentation with Keynote Remote
  • Presenting from a laptop, from an iPad, or with an Apple TV
  • Creating a self-running slideshow
  • Printing handouts
  • Exporting slides as movies or graphics


- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and today, we're going to be taking a look at one of my favorite applications, which is Apple Keynote. I'm going to show you lots of different techniques for presenting your presentation, whether that be on a projector, television screen, using an iOS device, or making handouts or downloads. Apple Keynote is a very flexible tool that gives you lots of different outputs when it comes to exporting files, as well as methods for presenting your actual Keynote presentation. Now, we have lots of different things to cover today. I'm going to give a sample presentation to work with, but you can use one of your own if you'd like.

Essentially here, all you need is to get your Mac computer, and latest version of the software loaded. If you're using the older version of Keynote, which was often referred to as Keynote 09, be sure to check out another class that we have available in the library. This is focusing on the version that was first released in the year 2013, but has seen several updates. Now, during this presentation, I'm going to use some things like a projector and a television set. If you have these handy, that's very useful, and you could plug-in and follow along. If not, just watch the movies, and use the information in the future, the next time you're in a boardroom, or at a conference, and you need to give your presentation.

I'll also walk you through some benefits of using things like an iOS device, so if you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch, you can use those as well, and follow along using the Keynote app for some of the advanced functionality when you pair the two together. We got a lot of great things to cover, so welcome to the class.

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