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Kevin Dankwardt

Kevin Dankwardt Dr. Kevin Dankwardt is a leader in the Linux community and a well-known authority on embedded Linux and its uses in real-time operations. In 1992, he founded the training and consulting firm K Computing. Since that time, the company has become a leader in embedded Linux training and consulting.

Since 1992, Dr. Dankwardt has designed, developed, and delivered training and consulting on a wide range of subjects such as Linux device driver programming, Linux embedded systems engineering, Linux real-time programming, Linux system and network administration, Perl programming, C++ programming, Unix parallel programming, Unix real-time programming, Unix system programming, and Unix network administration, as well as a large number of specially targeted classes in conjunction with world-leading technical partners.

Dr. Dankwardt earned his PhD in computer science from the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana (Lafayette), and served as an assistant professor at Louisiana Tech University, where he served as interim chairman of the Computer Science department. He is a regular speaker at major conferences and frequently writes articles on Linux development topics. In addition, he chaired the education committee of the Embedded Linux consortium, served as contributing editor to and Embedded Linux Journal, and served as technical chair of Embedded Linux conferences throughout the United States and Europe. Dr. Dankwardt currently lives and works in Silicon Valley where he participates in various Linux activities including founding and leading the 2,500+ member Silicon Valley Linux Technology meetup group.
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  • view course page for Linux: Bash Shell and Scripts

    Get an introduction to Linux bash scripting. Learn how to read and write Linux bash scripts, complete with local variables, functions, loops, and coprocesses, and use sed and AWK.

    2h 46m

  • view course page for Linux Kernel Fundamentals

    Master the fundamentals of configuring and troubleshooting the Linux kernel. Learn how to read and write proc files, work with loadable kernel modules and source code, and configure the kernel.

    2h 47m

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