Joomla! 3 Essential Training

with Jen Kramer
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Joomla! 3 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 9h 41m Beginner Updated Sep 17, 2013


In this course, Jen Kramer shows how to use Joomla! to build a website from scratch—all without a single line of code. Discover how to create and organize content, add menus and sidebars, change the look of the site with templates, control who creates and edits content, and much more. The course also shows you how to evaluate the quality of extensions, plugins, and templates and how to download and install them. Finally, Jen emphasizes the importance of backing up your Joomla! site, and explains how to create and store those backups.

Topics include:
  • What is Joomla!?
  • Completing Joomla! installation
  • Planning your website
  • Organizing content in Joomla!
  • Creating categories, articles, and menus
  • Formatting text and images
  • Using modules and components
  • Identifying and installing good-quality third-party extensions and templates
  • Supporting multiple languages with Joomla!
  • Managing users and their permissions
  • Changing the look of the site with templates
  • Launching your site
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(music playing) Hi! I am Jen Kramer. Welcome to Joomla! 3: Essential Training. Content Management Systems are growing in popularity for creating both simple and complex Web sites. Joomla! is one of the three best-known open-source content management systems in the world. In this course I'll show you how to install WAMP and MAMP to turn your computer into a mini Web server. We will then install Joomla! After that we will read about the CAM, Categories, Articles, and Menus as well as adding components and modules to your Web site for extra functionality.

We will explore some of the Joomla!'s latest features including new administrator and Website templates that can be customized quickly and easily. We will change the look of the Website using Joomla! templates and we will get a peek at the basics of Joomla!'s Access Control Lists or ACL features. We will also take a close look at working with multiple languages in Joomla!. So if you're ready let's get started with Joomla! 3: Essential Training.

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Q: After following along with the exercise files, all has gone well until I installed JCE. When I did this my control panel on the backend came up with the following "strict standards" error:

( ! ) Strict standards: Non-static method WFEditor::getInstance() should
not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in
C:\wamp\www\administrator\components\com_jce\models\model.php on line 112

Please advise. I looked for a way of uninstalling JCE and could not find one. The exercise site seems to work quite well otherwise, although I can't change the profile of JCE as instructed because of similar messages throughout the JCE profile.
A: Anytime you receive an error about "strict standards" when work with WAMP (any additional messaging doesn't matter), please apply the following fix. This fix is also described in the Joomla! 3 Essential Training Chapter 11 video, "Turning off WAMP error reporting."

Because the error reporting is an issue with WAMP and not Joomla!, this fix works for Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, and 3.0, as well as later versions of Joomla.

1. In WAMP, find the icon in the system tray and click it.

2. Choose PHP - php.ini from the list.

3. Search the php.ini file for the following line:

error_reporting = {there will be some kind of value in this place}

4. Change whatever value is there on that line to the following:

error_reporting = E_ERROR

5. Save and close php.ini, then go back to the WAMP menu and choose "stop
all services", followed by "start all services" to reboot Apache.

6. You should no longer see errors. If errors are still present, then do
the following:

a. follow steps 1 and 2 above

b. Search the php.ini file for the following line:

display_errors = off

Change this to

display_errors = on

c. Follow step 5 above.
Q: Why is Joomla not installing on my Windows computer with WAMP?
A: In current versions of WAMP, there is a bug in PHP 5.4.x that may prevent Joomla! from installing.
Downgrade your version of PHP from 5.4.x to 5.3.x. To do this, click on the WAMP icon in the system tray (the green W). Go to PHP - Version - and choose a version of 5.3 that's available in your installation. Click on the WAMP icon again and choose Restart All Services. You should be able to install Joomla! now.
Q: The CAPTCHA plugin shown in "Configuring CAPTCHA for a form" video is not working for me. Is there a workaround?
A: CAPTCHA in Joomla 3.2 and some versions of Joomla 3.1 has been temporarily disabled. This will be fixed in a future release. However, if CAPTCHA is not working for you now, the solution is posted here:
Q: During the "Styling images with bootstrap classes" video, I ran into a difference between Joomla! 3.3.3 and the older version the course was filmed with. When I select an image in my Product pages and click the tinyMCE "Insert/Edit image" button, there is no longer the "class" field to enter in the Bootstrap class styles as shown. I could not find a way to apply rounded corners, for example, without removing the "pull-right" class. Is there a workaround for this?
A: Unfortunately, tinyMCE has changed in Joomla 3.3, and this interface is no longer available. You'll need to look at the HTML and edit the image tag manually to add the appropriate classes.You could also try a different Joomla editor to see if it offers this functionality. You'll find a listing of Joomla-compatible editors at
Q: In the movie "Planning your website," Jen mentions that Website Planning and Strategy is a good course to watch next, but I can't find it in the library. Where did the course go?
A: Website Planning and Strategy was retired on March 19, 2015, and has been replaced with a more up-to-date course by Morten Rand-Hendriksen. That course is Mapping the Modern Web Design Process and can be found at
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