JavaScript Essential Training

with Simon Allardice
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JavaScript Essential Training
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Use JavaScript to add new features and a richer, more compelling user interface on web pages. This course keeps current best practices and practical uses for JavaScript in mind, while covering syntax, working with the DOM, and developing and debugging across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers. Author Simon Allardice also shows how to progressively enhance and gracefully degrade web pages, and take advantage of the world of JavaScript libraries now available.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the structure of JavaScript code
  • Creating variables, functions, and loops
  • Writing conditional code
  • Sending messages to the console
  • Working with different variable types and objects
  • Creating and changing DOM objects
  • Event handling
  • Working with timers
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Building smarter forms
  • Working with CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript
  • Using regular expressions
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- [Voiceover] Hi, this is Simon Allardice, and welcome to JavaScript Essential Training. JavaScript is the programming language of the web, invented for the web, to add behavior and interactivity to your pages. We'll begin with the basics. The core of JavaScript language and syntax, how to write it, where to put it, what tools you can use. We'll then start to go step by step through the different things you do with JavaScript. We'll work with forms, work with events, get to really understand the DOM, the Document Object Model, the way you will understand and change your pages in reaction to what the user is doing.

You'll see how to debug JavaScript. We'll also explore the popular JavaScript libraries like Jquery, and we'll wrap up with some more advanced topics. And along the way, we'll see a lot of best practices that have developed over recent years. So whether you're brand new to JavaScript, or perhaps you've been working with it on and off for years, welcome to JavaScript Essential Training.

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