XML Integration with Java

with David Gassner
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XML Integration with Java
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Learn how to choose the right Java API for your application and get started coding with XML and Java. In this course, author David Gassner shows you how to read and create XML strings and files, decide whether to use a streaming or tree-based API, and find out which APIs are compatible with Android. Plus, discover how to use both standard APIs that are included with the Java SE and EE distributions, such as DOM, SAX, and JAXB, and learn about popular open-source libraries such as JDOM and the Simple XML Serialization framework.

Topics include:
  • Choosing a Java-based XML API
  • Reading XML as a string
  • Comparing streaming and tree-based APIs
  • Parsing XML with SAX
  • Creating and reading XML with DOM
  • Adding data to an XML document with JDOM
  • Reading and writing XML with StAX
  • Working with JAXB and annotated classes
  • Comparing Simple XML Serialization to JAXB


- [Voiceover] My name is David Gassner and this is XML Integration with Java. In this course, I'll show you a variety of methods for reading and creating XML formatted strings and files in the Java programming language. I'll first describe how to choose an XML API; whether to use a streaming or a tree based API; and which of these APIs can be used with Android. Then I'll show you the code starting with the oldest APIs, SAX and DOM. I'll also demonstrate later editions to Java SE that can streamline your code such as StAX and JAXB.

And I'll also help you get started with JDOM and the simple XML serialization framework. You have many choices in how to work with XML in Java. I hope this course helps you choose the right API for your application and helps you get started with it.

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