On Camera: Develop Your Video Presence

with Rick Allen Lippert
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On Camera: Develop Your Video Presence
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Join Rick Allen Lippert as he shows you how to conduct yourself on camera and make a positive impression in front of the lens. This course covers basic issues like posture, eye contact, vocal tone, and choosing the right clothing and makeup. Rick also explains how to move across the stage fluidly and handle props, as well as what to do when you make the inevitable mistake.

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- Hello and welcome to On Camera, Develop your presence. I'm Rick Allen Lippert and I'll be showing you how to look and sound more confident when you're on video. This course is designed to help both the folks who will be interviewed on camera for things like a news story or an informational video, and the folks who will be talking on camera directly to a viewing audience. This could include a podcast, a television commercial, or an informational video. We'll start by talking about the best practices for your body stands and position, whether you'll be sitting or standing.

Next we'll talk about how you can and should use make-up, the right choice in clothing, and effective eye contact so that you can look your best on camera. We'll explore exercises for vocal control, delivery, and diction, so that your spoken words are communicated as clearly as possible. Finally, if you've ever worried about what to do with your hands, how to hold your body, and how to handle props, we'll talk about some techniques to help you get more comfortable. Nothing in life prepares us for talking to cameras.

In fact, much that we've learned about talking to live people, is wrong when you apply those techniques to the camera. This course should help you develop a whole new skillset so that you look and sound better on camera. So let's get started with On Camera, Develop your presence.

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