The Creative Spark: Lauren Lemon, Creative Portrait Photographer

with Lauren Randolph
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The Creative Spark: Lauren Lemon, Creative Portrait Photographer
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Lauren Lemon is the online persona for Lauren Randolph, a photographer based in Los Angeles. She built her photography career in part through a series of personal projects, including taking one self-portrait a day for an entire year in 2009. She's also one of the most popular photographers on Instagram, with more than 200,000 followers.

In this first installment of The Creative Spark, she talks about the importance of social networks and personal projects in establishing a photography career. We follow Lauren for the day as she plans and choreographs a creative photo shoot in her distinctive visual style and uses Instagram as part of her creative process.



(happy music) - Perfect. Now, do a big laugh when you do it. - [Voiceover] It'd be hard not to put my own voice into my work. (woman giggles) - When, I'm approaching an idea or a photo shoot, I basically think what isn't possible and start from there as big as I can get, and then kind of narrow it down to how I can create this outrageous idea. For the self-portrait, I do want daylight kind of happening through so I do know that I want to shoot that first.

- [Voiceover] There's that famous quote that "The best camera is the one that you carry with you." And that becomes the iPhone now. I'm constantly practicing. I'm constantly shooting photos. I'm constantly looking for composition. And if other people weren't responding, then maybe I'd wouldn't shoot as much. I just try and constantly be working on something. Whether it's an idea I'm building or a collaboration I'm starting. As long as it's always going, I feel like it's a way to keep moving forward. (camera clicks) (happy rock music)

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