Infographics: Visualizing Relationships

with Shane Snow
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Infographics: Visualizing Relationships
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In this course, author Shane Snow shows how to depict complex relationships in an easy-to-understand infographic, or graphic representation of data. The course covers building a multi-relationship radial diagram, illustrating connections between relationships, and creating legends, as well as designing title and source credits and adjusting the placement of design elements post-illustration.

Topics include:
  • Setting the stage for a circle relationship visualization
  • Using space to organize the infographic
  • Drawing relationship lines with the Pen tool
  • Adjusting the curvature and transparency of lines
  • Adding directional arrows


(soft swooshing vibration) - Welcome to Infographics: Visualizing Relationships. I'm Shane Snow, and I'm addicted to Infographics. I've been designing inforgraphics for social media sites, like Mashable for the last five years. And I'm really excited for this course. In this course, we're going to cover setting the stage for creating a common yet complex type of infographic, a multi-relationship radial diagram. We'll cover the principles of these types of infographics. And then, we'll use real data to recreate a very cool infographic about social networking.

I'm excited to go over creating legends, laying out characters around a radial chart and illustrating relationship lines between different characters in a complex visualization. This course is part of a series on the fundamentals of infographic design, and it's going to be a lot of fun. So, let's stop visualizing how great this course is and just get started.

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