Infographics: Planning and Wireframing

with Shane Snow
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Infographics: Planning and Wireframing
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Join Shane Snow as he reviews the first steps in creating infographics, graphic representations of data—organizing sample data and preparing a wireframe. The course takes a tour of several data visualization examples and explains how to select appropriate data, how to organize data in a spreadsheet, and how to prepare a basic wireframe of the infographic in Photoshop.

Topics include:
  • Planning a wireframe
  • Finding stories in the data
  • Choosing the right visualizations
  • Planning the dimensions of the infographic


- [Voiceover] Welcome to Infographics Planning and Wireframing. I'm Shane Snow. In this course, we're going to cover gathering data and organizing it in spreadsheets, which will help us to find interesting stories that make for great infographics. We'll also talk about the different types of data visualizations and awesome charts you can use for your infographics. All of that leads up to the real planning for an infographic. Choosing the dimensions and drawing a wireframe skeleton of your infographic layout in Photoshop. In this course, I'm gonna show you how spreadsheets and wireframes can help you save time and create infographics that really rock.

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