InfoPath 2013 Essential Training

with Gini Courter
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InfoPath 2013 Essential Training
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In this course, author and InfoPath expert Gini Courter shows how to create and publish sophisticated electronic forms using the latest version of the Microsoft form-creation tool InfoPath. The course features the InfoPath Designer tool and provides in-depth tutorials on designing form templates, and explains how to create and publish forms via email, the web, a network share, or SharePoint. Gini also demonstrates advanced aspects of InfoPath, like connecting forms to outside data sources and building templates from Office documents, databases, or XML files.

Topics include:
  • What is InfoPath?
  • Creating a template from scratch
  • Importing Word and Excel forms
  • Creating and modifying data sources
  • Adding and formatting a layout table
  • Choosing a theme
  • Working with form controls like date pickers and check boxes
  • Using tables and sections for repeating data
  • Publishing forms and templates
  • Enabling digital signatures in a form
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Gini Courter, and I'd like to welcome you to InfoPath 2013 Essential Training. In this course, I will show you how to use Microsoft InfoPath Designer to create powerful forms that are easy to use. We'll have templates that use rules to validate the data our users enter against schemas that we will create as we build our forms. Many organizations use InfoPath exclusively with SharePoint, so you will learn how to publish your form in a SharePoint library so users can complete it using a browser, but we'll also create forms that can be distributed using email or from a network share.

Whether you are new to InfoPath forms, I'm going to provide you with an in depth look at how to use Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2013 to create forms that build business solutions. Let's get started.

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