InfoPath 2007 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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InfoPath 2007 Essential Training
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Gathering accurate information from employees, clients, and customers has always been an important factor in maintaining a successful business. Many applications can assist in the creation of forms, but their delivery methods are often limited. In InfoPath 2007 Essential Training, David Rivers demonstrates how Microsoft's solution, InfoPath, can be used to create custom forms and deliver them via email or websites. He teaches how to use an array of pre-built templates, and also how to import previously developed forms from Word or Excel. He also covers how to publish these forms with a variety of applications, including Xcopy and SharePoint. David covers many aspects of typical forms, from pull-down lists to custom designs that tie the form to a company's needs. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Building a form from samples or creating a brand-new form from scratch Inserting a repeating table into an existing form Adding and modifying buttons to simplify form functions Creating specialized views in a single form for different users Connecting newly created forms to SharePoint Customizing the work environment to improve form efficiency


Hi and welcome to Microsoft InfoPath 2007 Essential Training. I'm David Rivers. InfoPath 2007 is the information gathering application that's part of the Microsoft Office system. So if you need to gather information efficiently and reliably from a variety of sources, then you might be thinking about creating and deploying electronic forms. If so, InfoPath 2007 allows you to do just that. Now, not only can you design and create forms in InfoPath, but you can also use InfoPath as a client for filling in those forms and collecting the resulting data. But InfoPath doesn't stop there. In this title we'll delve deeply into the electronic form creation process beginning with the basics before we start more exploring more advanced form options like adding controls or form security, connecting to data sources and even publishing your forms using a variety of options like Xcopy, e-mail and Sharepoint.

Now, integration with other Office apps is an important feature of InfoPath. So we will be exploring ways to connect to Microsoft Access data for example and import existing forms that you may have created already in Word or Excel. So without further delay, let's get started with InfoPath 2007 Essential Training.

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Q: When trying to open a file in InfoPath 2007, I get an error that says to open the form in the location it was published to. It also says: “Forms that require the domain permission level contain features that access information on a network, such as data connections, linked images, and code.”
What is causing the error, and how can the file be opened?
A: This is a known issue with InfoPath. Instead of double-clicking on the file, right-click on the file and select Design. That will allow you to open the files.
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