Designing a Brochure (2009)

with Nigel French
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Designing a Brochure (2009)
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Brochures are essential marketing tools, which establish brands and keep them competitive in the marketplace. Designer and educator Nigel French taps into his 15 years of professional experience to create a course that demonstrates how Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop CS4 can integrate to create dynamic brochures. Nigel teaches techniques for creating different kinds of brochures—some obvious, others unexpected. Designing a Brochure covers more than the mechanics of the workflow. It also explores the creative process, giving designers options for producing brochures that are both stylish and cost-effective. Exercise files accompany the course.

InDesign CS4 and Illustrator CS4 Essential Training are recommended prerequisites to fully execute the techniques in this title.

Topics include:
  • Integrating InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Establishing a workflow that combines maximum efficiency with maximum editing flexibility
  • Working with a printer at the outset
  • Designing with grids to create balance
  • Choosing fonts and color palettes for a consistent look and feel
  • Manipulating images for maximum impact
  • Exploring different brochure formats and folding
  • Proofing and printing the final product
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- Brochures are everywhere, in the mail, in the lobbies of hotels and theaters, in stores, in libraries, and other public buildings. Brochures are an essential marketing tool, and your opportunity to list the services you offer, as well as persuade potential clients to use those services. (upbeat music) Hi, I'm Nigel French, and this is Designing A Brochure. As a graphic designer, and instructor with more than 15 years experience, I've come to know the tools of the trade, and how to get the most out of them.

In this course, we'll be using real-world designer production techniques in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Bridge CS4 to create compelling, and dynamic brochures, but this course is more than just learning the functions of the programs, my goal is not only to show you the how of creating a brochure, but also to explain the design decisions that contribute to a successful end product. We'll design a brochure from conception through the sourcing and prepping of artwork to the combining of text and graphics to finally getting it printed.

Starting with a basic tri-fold brochure, we'll move on to explore different brochure formats, as well as folding techniques, and of course, we won't be ignoring the how part of design either, you'll simply have to optimize your workflow, how to design with grids, to take the guess work out of placement, how to create color palates based on the rules of color harmony, and some really cool techniques for livening up your images. You'll also see how to create a mock-up that you can present to a client, and how to pre-flight your document before generating a print-ready PDF.

As cyber marketing becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the printed page becomes a more valued and personal conduit to get your message to your potential clients. The unique creativity you bring to designing a brochure can turn a simple piece of paper into a growing client base. With that thought, let's get started with Designing A Brochure.

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