Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks

with Claudia McCue
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Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks
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A thorough prepress analysis and press check can mean the difference between a successful print job and a disappointing one. There is a lot to know, from how to prepare files to what to look for on press. So join Claudia McCue in the printing plant, as she walks through every aspect of the process and defines the key terms that will make sure you and your printer are speaking the same language. Find out what happens during the prepress phase and in the pressroom, and get checklists (included with the exercise files) to help you feel confident your jobs are printed as planned and on budget.

Topics include:
  • Submitting your job
  • Preflighting files
  • Trapping
  • Understanding press-check etiquette
  • Checking press sheets


- [Voiceover] Hello I'm Claudia McCue and welcome to Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks. Now if you're about to attend your very first press check I think it's helpful for you to know both what happens to your job long before it goes to press, that's called prepress. As well as what to expect when you go out into the press room. Now prepress comprises all the processes that touch your file after the job is entered, and before the press cranks up. Prepress includes preflight, proofing, corrections, trapping, imposition, and plate making.

Now, don't worry if some of these terms are a bit unfamiliar. I'm going to explain them as we go through the course. I think that the more you know about what happens as your job's being prepared for press, the more you appreciate the expertise of the people who make your print job happen. If you're preparing to attend a press check you may be curious about what life in the press room is like. It's very busy. And it's kind of noisy. But I think it's a wonderful lively environment, if you know what to expect. Join me, and let's discover what goes on in the printing plant in Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks.

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