Print Production Essentials: Digital and Variable Data Printing

with Claudia McCue
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Print Production Essentials: Digital and Variable Data Printing
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Digital and variable data printing offer an incredible array of possibilities. Think banners, vehicle wraps, and custom-printed books. But with possibilities come stock and finishing limitations, which those using this versatile technology need to know. In this course Claudia McCue reviews the types of projects that are appropriate for digital printing, the impact of digital color, and how variable data can allow you to personalize your digital print jobs. She also explores the possibilities beyond paper, like edible ink. At the end of this course, designers will feel more confident when they choose digital printing for their next job.

Topics include:
  • What constitutes "digital printing"?
  • Printing short runs
  • Working with digital color and large-format output
  • Using InDesign's Data Merge feature to format variable data
  • Printing on ceramics, metal, and wood


- [Voiceover] Digital printing can encompass everything from banners, to vehicle wraps, why even to printing on cakes and it's enabled some previously impossible things. You wanna publish your own book? Well you can. Do you need 100 brochures for a trade show instead of 50,000? That's not a problem. Digital printing makes that possible. Do you wanna create a personalized one to one marketing campaign? Well you can only do that with digital printing. The capabilities of digital printing had allowed printers to greatly expand their offerings to designers.

So let's take an in depth look at the growing capabilities of digital printing in today's marketplace. Join me in exploring digital printing.

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