PDF enhancements

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PDF enhancements

For users who use InDesign to create print-based products and for those who work in a prepress environment. You'll appreciate the fact that Adobe has included an updated PDF standard setting when exporting to a print-based PDF file. The PDFX-4 2008 specification was created to address modern PDF workflows. And to allow for the use of live transparency in a PDF file, which wasn't possible with older PDF specifications. In, In Design CS5.5 this PDFX standard has been updated, to reflect the new PDFX4 2010 specification.

Let's take a look. I'm beginning this video, with the Brochure.indd file open on my computer. And I'm going to export to a PDF file, by going to the file menu, and choosing export. I'm going to give my file a name, I'll call it Brochure.pdf, and I'll save it in a location of my choice. At the bottom, in format drop down menu, I'm going to make sure that I have Adobe PDF Print chosen. I'm going to click the save button, and in my case, I'm going to replace the PDF file that was already there. What you'll notice is that if you look at the top at the Adobe PDF preset dropdown menu.

We're going to make sure that the PDFX4 2008 option is chosen. And one of the things you're going to notice thats different from the old PDFX4 2008 specification is that the new one now has the standard PDFX4 2010 Option chosen. So, Adobe has kept the same name for the preset, so that it doesn't break existing workflows. In addition, you'll notice in the Compatibility drop down menu, that it is set to Acrobat 7, which is a PDF 1.6 document.

Previous versions of this specification was a Acrobat 5 PDF 1.4 document. Now what this specification allows for is the ability to include Acrobat layers inside of this PDF document. Which can be healpful for different PDF workflows such as variable data and other types of workflows. I'm going to make sure view PDF after exporting is chose. But what I really want to show you is that in addition to being able to add layers to this PDF document. You're also going to notice that if I go to the compression setting. Another option that they've added, is that for color and grayscale images, we can choose JPEG 2,000 compression.

Which is new inside of this specification. So, this version, this PDF preset, currently says that it's modified, because they made some slight changes, which include creating the Acrobat layers. And I should point out before I continue I'm actually going to click the Cancel button that this particular document does have multiple layers inside of the InDesign file. So, that being said I'm going to return to the Export Dialogue go ahead and save this and replace the current brochure that I was working on. And again, I'm going to make sure that I have PDFX4 2008 the 2010 Standard is chosen.

I'm going to make sure that I'm creating Acrobat layers. I'm going to click the Export button, and we can see the background Processing icon appear up here. And when it's finished, it's going to open up inside of Acrobat. Now, we can see the effects of what we just did by going to the File menu in Acrobat and choosing Properties. And you will notice that in the Custom tab, that the PDFX4 flag has been added to denote that this is based on the PDFX4 specification.

I'm going to go ahead and click Okay, but in addition you'll also notice if I come over here to the Layers Navigation Pane. That we now have some layers in here based on the brochure.indd document that we we're working on. And if I open this you can see that I have multiple layers that have been created. If I navigate to the next page, we can see that if I disable the graphics layer, it's hiding all the graphic elements on that page.

If I hide the text layer, it's hiding all of those elements. If your designer or pre-pressed proffesional and work in a PDF workflow. You'll appreciate the ability to create a PDF standards compliant PDF file. That can retain user-modifiable layers in the final document.

PDF enhancements
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PDF enhancements provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Chad Chelius as part of the InDesign CS5.5 New Features Overview

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