InDesign CS6 New Features

with Anne-Marie Concepción
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InDesign CS6 New Features
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InDesign CS6 is dedicated to improving workflow, document distribution, and flexibility. This course provides in-depth exploration of the new features in InDesign CS6, showing not just where they are and how to use them, but also tips, workarounds, and practical applications of the features. Author Anne-Marie Concepción introduces the Liquid Layout tools and Alternate Layouts for creating flexible layouts for both print and digital publishing; the enhanced tools for creating and updating linked objects within and between documents; the Content Collector and Content Placer tools; and the introduction of EPUB 3. The course also covers creating interactive PDF forms, using the new primary text frame, previewing and exporting color layouts to grayscale, and utilizing the new production aids such as aligning selections to a key object and using smart math in panel fields.

Topics include:
  • Working with the Conveyor tool to link objects and map styles
  • Applying Liquid Layout rules
  • Using flexible columns
  • Creating auto-sized text frames
  • Accessing recently used fonts
  • Fitting frames to more types of text content
  • Exporting to EPUB 2 and 3 using new controls
  • Inserting HTML and Edge content into a layout
  • Creating a PDF form with interactive text, radio, and checkbox fields
  • Mapping text styles in linked objects
InDesign EPUB


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Anne-Marie Concepcion, and welcome to InDesign CS6 New Features. In this course, we'll look at the conveyor panel, and how the new content collector and placer tools help you easily copy and place multiple objects from one place to another in the same document, or different ones. Then I'll explain the concept behind InDesign's new alternate layout, and liquid layout feature set. How to link objects, and map styles, and help you get up to speed with using all these tools synergistically to generate multiple variations of the same content for different devices.

And I can't wait to show one of the most sought after features by designers, designing and creating interactive PDF forms, right in InDesign. Now let's get started with InDesign CS6, New Features.

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