InDesign CS6: Interactive Documents

with Mike Rankin
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InDesign CS6: Interactive Documents
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Join Adobe InDesign and publishing expert Mike Rankin as he explains how to use InDesign to design a wide range of digital documents, including interactive PDFs and apps for the iPad. This course provides a tour of digital publishing trends and shows how to bring these trends to bear in various projects, such as a slide presentation, a PDF form, and an interactive portfolio. Mike also introduces the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and shows how to publish dynamic interactive documents to the iPad and other mobile devices.

Topics include:
  • Examining trends in digital design
  • Setting preferences for interactive documents
  • Understanding intent and presets
  • Working with images and swatches
  • Creating and working with interactive PDFs
  • Creating alternate layouts for multiple screens
  • Linking text and page items
  • Fitting frames to content
  • Setting up a file with layers
  • Creating a slideshow with transitions and hyperlinks
  • Building a table of contents
  • Adding a SWF slideshow to a PDF
  • Placing video
  • Creating PDF forms
  • Adding animation
  • Working with the Digital Publishing Suite
InDesign Digital Publishing Suite


- [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Mike Rankin, and welcome to InDesign CS6, Interactive Documents. In this course, I'll demonstrate how to use InDesign CS6 to create interactivity and documents destined for PDF output as well as Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. I'll cover how to enrich PDF documents with audio and video, how to add buttons to play slideshows and control the visibility of content, as well as how to create animations and include them in your PDFs. I'll also show you how to use the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite tools to add interactive overlays on top of your InDesign layouts for tablet publishing.

These documents can include everything from hyperlinks, web content, and scrollable frames, to visually engaging elements like image sequences, 360 degree panoramas, and photos you can pan and zoom. I'll also show the new features in CS6 that can be useful for adapting your pages to fit multiple devices. So join me now as we explore creating interactive documents with InDesign CS6.

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