InDesign CS6 to HTML

with Michael Murphy
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InDesign CS6 to HTML
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Today, nearly all print content is destined for a life beyond ink and paper, whether it's EPUB, the iPad, or the web. Adobe InDesign content is unique in that it can be efficiently migrated from your print layout to HTML. Author Michael Murphy shows how InDesign marks up your content when exported to HTML, and how you can gain maximum control of the process. In step-by-step tutorials, Michael walks through the export process for text, lists, tables, images, frames, and other objects, then exports a full layout that's linked to a customized CSS file and uses web-based fonts.

Topics include:
  • Connecting InDesign styles to HTML tags and CSS classes
  • Controlling the order of exported content
  • Exporting just the content you want
  • Bringing sidebars and pull quotes into HTML text flow
  • Adding hyperlinks to images and text
  • Replacing InDesign's CSS with a custom CSS
  • Generating web-optimized images from print layouts
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- [Voiceover] Hello and welcome to from InDesign to HTML. I'm Michael Murphy, and I've been a hands-on graphic designer for more than twenty years. Like most designers, I've had to adapt to a lot of changes in our industry in that time, especially the increasing shift from print-centric to online design needs. Today, nearly all content is destined for both print and online distribution, and many designers find themselves caught between two conflicting work flows or struggling with repetitive, time-consuming tasks in order to meet those print-to-web challenges.

InDesign CS6 offers many features that can speed up this process making it more consistent and automated. In this course, you'll learn how to understand what InDesign does, both good and bad, when it comes to HTML and CSS, how to maximize the relationship between InDesign styles and your HTML tags and CSS classes, how to organize content into a specific order before exporting it to the web and to only export the content that you need, how to bring side-bars, pull quotes, and other page elements into your HTML text flow and add working hyperlinks to images and texts.

We'll look at how you can replace InDesign's automatically generated CSS with a custom CSS and how to create and export web optimized images from your print layouts for maximum print-to-web-efficiency. And this course will show you how it's done.

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