InDesign CS5.5 New Features Overview

with Chad Chelius
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InDesign CS5.5 New Features Overview
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CS5.5, only the second "dot" release in Adobe InDesign's history, includes a variety of large and small additions and enhancements. For example, you can now drag and drop anchored objects and create linked text that's updated when a change is made to the original text. There are also many new, powerful options related to exporting, including the ability to map styles to export tags and control how content is displayed when you export to EPUB, XHTML, and accessible PDF. In this workshop, Adobe Certified Instructor and InDesign expert Chad Chelius walks you through all these options and more, so you can quickly incorporate the new features of InDesign CS5.5 into your workflow.

Topics include:
  • Dragging and dropping anchored objects
  • PDF enhancements
  • Linked text
  • Mapping styles to export tags
  • Using the new Articles panel
  • Adding alternate text
  • Exporting to EPUB, PDF, and XHTML
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- [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Chad Chillius. I'm a trainer, author, consultant, and an InDesign user since its inception more than 10 years ago. I'm really excited about this workshop, because it signifies a change in the role of InDesign as a product. And if you're an InDesign veteran, don't worry. It's still the awesome application for print design that it's always been. However there are great new features that have been added to help designers publish their products to mediums other than strictly paper, such as ePub, XHTML, and tagged PDF.

Remember, this is only the second time in InDesign's history that Adobe has released a mid-cycle release. And in the case of InDesign, it's predominately to address these up and coming formats. This workshop is focused on the InDesign user who wants to know about these new features and how the features can help you utilize your existing InDesign skills to publish to new formats. You'll learn how to map styles to export tags, a much easier way to tag content for export than in previous versions of InDesign. You'll see how you can add alternate text to images and control how to set object export options.

And you'll learn how to control the export order of ePub, HTML, and tagged PDF content using the new Articles panel. Although these new features are focused on publishing to new mediums, there are also a couple of features that will benefit any InDesign user regardless of the medium that you're publishing to, such as linked stories so that the same text can appear in multiple locations of a document, and a really easy and efficient way to create anchored objects. I hope you find this course useful, and that you have fun learning these great new features in InDesign CS 5.5.

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