InDesign CS5 New Features Overview

with Rufus Deuchler
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InDesign CS5 New Features Overview
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In this course, Adobe Creative Suite guru Rufus Deuchler walks you through the many new features of the latest version of InDesign, including the ability to add video, sound, and animations to your documents and to export directly to SWF. Other InDesign enhancements include simplified object selection and editing, multiple page sizes, and a redesigned Layers panel. CS5 also introduces Adobe CS Review, which makes it easy to review and annotate documents online in real time. Rufus covers all of these and much more in this training, which will quickly bring you up to speed on all the powerful new capabilities of InDesign CS5.

Topics include:
  • Multiple page sizes
  • Simplified transformations
  • Gridified tools
  • Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge
  • FLV and MP3 import and the Media panel
  • The Timing and States panels
  • Improved export to Flash Player, Flash Professional, and interactive PDF
  • CS Review online commenting
  • Buzzword integration
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- Hi there, my name is Rufus Deuchler. In this course I will be giving you an overview of what is new in Adobe InDesign CS5. I'm a designer, dreamer and worldwide software evangelist. I've been using Adobe software since the late 80's and now I find myself traveling the world to share my knowledge and experience. In this overview I will be showing you some new creative tools and features that will make your life with the application much easier. I expect that you already have some knowledge of InDesign, preferably CS4, because I will be building on top of existing workflows and techniques to show you the many new and exciting additions to the application.

So enjoy the show, don't be shy, and don't hesitate to contact me at if you need any further information.

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