Getting Started with InDesign (2014)

with David Blatner
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Getting Started with InDesign (2014)
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InDesign is the choice for designers, printers, and publishers the world over. Now you want to learn InDesign, but where to begin? It takes just 30 minutes to get up to speed and start creating or editing layouts quickly. David Blatner is known around the world for his InDesign skills and now he takes you through the five features every aspiring "InDesigner" needs to learn: getting around the interface, working with text, adding graphics, moving objects around the artboard, and printing and creating PDFs. Want to learn more? Check out InDesign CC Essential Training and InDesign Insider Training: Beyond the Essentials for more in-depth tutorials.



- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm David Blatner. Welcome to Getting Started with InDesign. InDesign is an amazing tool for laying out text and graphics on both print and digital pages, and it's used by millions of publishers around the world to create books, magazines, ads, interactive PDF and EPUB files, and more. My goal in this short title is to get you acquainted enough with InDesign that you could create a new InDesign file or edit one that someone else has made. This is the basics of the basics, step zero.

If your boss handed you a file and you need to open it and do something with it before lunch today, start here. At the end of this title, I'll tell you where you can get more InDesign training so that you can dive even deeper in to this incredible page layout tool. Okay, let's get started with InDesign.

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