Creating Long Documents with InDesign

with Mike Rankin
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Creating Long Documents with InDesign
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Creating Long Documents with InDesign shows designers how to create book-length documents in workflows with multiple users—using both InDesign features and third-party plug-ins. Publishing veteran Mike Rankin focuses on long document elements such as page and chapter numbering, table of contents, cross-references, and indexes. The course also provides an overview of document construction, from creating master pages and applying consistent formatting with styles to placing text and images and outputting to both print and interactive PDF.

Topics include:
  • Using text variables
  • Creating templates for InDesign, InCopy, and Word
  • Employing nested styles
  • Creating GREP styles
  • Managing color with swatches
  • Building page elements with libraries and snippets
  • Performing GREP find/changes
  • Using InCopy workflows
  • Tracking changes
  • Adding footnotes and indexes
  • Using InDesign book files
  • Versioning documents with conditional text or object styles
  • Preflighting documents
  • Archiving a project
  • Finding and installing useful scripts and plug-ins for frequent challenges
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- Hi, I'm Mike Rankin and welcome to Creating Long Documents with Indesign. In this video series, I'll show you how to build and deliver long documents using Indesign CS5.5. We'll start with basic solid document construction and move onto creating reusable templates from Design prototypes. We'll see how to use the power of styles for consistent and efficient formatting and of course well also cover the long document specific features of Indesign. Things like the book panel, table of contents, indexes, cross references, and foot notes.

And we'll see how to make customized versions of long documents with conditional text and object styles. Finally, we'll conclude with preflighting, outputting, and archiving our project assets. So they can be easily retrieved with no missing pieces the next time we wanna work with them. Let's get started right now creating long documents with InDesign.

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